Huge Housing Development Coming to Lake Travis

A development with more than 3,300 homes and apartments has been approved in Travis County. The homes will be found in western Traffic County and in part of eastern Burnett County. This plan was unanimously approved by the Commissions Court a few months ago.

The master development plan shows the majority of the homes in Travis County, which will includes 2,200 acres of the project. Along with the homes and apartments, the project will include restaurants, shopping, entertainment venues, amenities and a resort hotel and spa.

With everything put together, this development is one of the largest proposed in Central Texas in many years. The lead developer of the project, Blakefield LLC, has made it clear this won't just be another subdivision with a ton of residential properties.

The master plan was designed by Hart Howerton Architects from New York and the infrastructure planning is being done by Doucet & Associates P.E. Others involved in the project include Kimley Horn, Integra group, Dannenbaum Engineering, Sherwood Engineers, SWCA Environmental Consultants and Ten Eyke Landscape Architects.

The Thomas Ranch Development

The development is being called the Thomas Ranch development and it's located close to the Austin Golf Club. About 300 of the units planned within the community will represent multifamily units, while 500 will be found in Burnet County. Plans also show more than 500 acres of open space and parkland amenities for residents of the future community to enjoy.

Three phases will roll out the community called Texas Town, Hilltop and Cliffside. The entire project is expected to be built over 20 years. Blakefield LLC has worked on other area projects including the Woodland Township's master-planned community and redevelopment of Republic Square in Houston's Energy Corridor.

The plan will actually contain five ecosystems, which are expected to allow the native trees and natural springs to shine throughout the community. There will be river coves, hillsides, hilltops and cliffs to make the place an authentic hill county community. The housing choices will also be very diverse to keep the community sustainable. From cottages to large custom homes, there will be a variety of options available.

Nature will be a huge part of the development with 33% of the land remaining natural or used at parks or trails. It will be a community with plenty of trails for biking, running and walking. Outdoor recreation will be one of the major activities stressed throughout.

The town center will become the marketplace of convenience for resident with plenty of options for shopping, dining and entertainment. It will be a place for boutiques, local restaurants, coffee shops and more.

Within the development, the three different neighborhoods will offer a wide range of housing styles including apartments, cottages, custom home and more. Many will be situated within walking distance of the town center and each neighborhood will provide something unique for residents to enjoy.

Thomas Ranch isn't here yet, but it won't be long before construction starts. This new development promises to be one of the best in the Lake Travis area.

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