Things to Know about Mosquitoes in Lake Travis


Mosquitos are an inevitable part of summer, sweeping in as the weather warms up and people head towards the lake in bikinis. The problem is these nasty bugs will bite and cause you some itchiness from their bites for days. It’s a pain for those that love to be outdoors and forgot the bug spray.

You’re going to see them at this summer’s barbeque, on rainy days, and as the sun sets over Lake Travis, so what can residents do to avoid these bloodsuckers? The best thing you can do is learn about them and how they affect your area of the country. take a look at a few things you may not have known about the mosquitos in Lake Travis.

When to expect them

While you’ve always associated these itchy bugs with summertime, you can actually experience them before and after summer. You’ll definitely see them during your Memorial Day BBQ or your 4th of July party, but you can also expect to see them before and after summer too.  The season for them starts in April and doesn’t end until September. This is the season for Central Texas that may not be as long in other parts of the country.

It’s more than just an itch

While your mosquito bite is annoying, it’s also dangerous. People may not realize that mosquitos are capable of spreading infectious diseases among people around the world. These insects can carry and transmit diseases that kill hundreds of thousands people around the world. It’s really important to protect yourself.

That bite is actually something else

While people call that itchy bump a mosquito bite, it’s actually referring to the action of injecting a needle-like snout into your skin which contains two tubes that run parallel. These are called the hypopharynx and they work to not only bite you, but to shoot saliva down its tube to pump your blood.

Mosquitos don’t always find a blood vessel at first and may have to try a few times to be successful. The human body’s immune system will then immediately send histamine to the spot which causes the bump. It’s best to use a topical antihistamine or washing it with warm, soapy water to heal the itch rather than to scratch it.

Why you can’t avoid them, but you can try

The problem with mosquitos is that they are really sneaky and they will sit there and suck your blood for as long as four minutes. Mosquitos can find people that are moving often in the heat, panting which emits carbon dioxide, and sweating with emits lactic acid.

If you sweat or are a larger person, you’ll likely emit more of these two things and be a target for mosquitos. They tend to be less interested in children than adults, but they will find you attractive from up to 164 feet away. If they get you, your blood will flow quickly due to the anti-coagulant in their saliva, and they will even drink blood that spills out from a tiny burst blood vessel.

While mosquitos only live for two weeks typically, the female lays 300 eggs at a time with only a few s of water needed to lay them.

The good news is you can use some secrets in your favor that make it hard for mosquitos to attack. Stay near fans or heavy wind because mosquitos can’t fly in a stronger breeze. Put bug spray on continuously since it typically lasts for 90 minutes.

Avoid areas with standing water since this is a breeding ground for the mosquito larvae and dump your fountains or bird baths every couple of days to keep mosquitos out of your yard. Then, start wearing protective clothing and remembering to protect your pets with heartworm preventative.

If you want to stay safe in Lake Travis this summer and take care of one annoying problem that could hinder the fun, get informed on mosquitos in the area and how to avoid them.


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