Top Things to do at Lake Travis

What do you think it’s like to spend the day at Lake Travis? If you’ve never been to Lake Travis or you aren’t familiar with everything it has to offer, you are in for a wonderful surprise. Lake Travis is full of things to do and things to see that will keep you busy all day or for a whole vacation.

The area is known for having excellent water activities, having tons of great things to do onshore, and for having beautiful vacation rentals to enjoy. Take a look at the top things to do at Lake Travis and what you can expect when you visit.

Hit the water

If your goal is to get on the water and enjoy some water activity, you’re in luck. Lake Travis is known for having some of the best water activities in the area, all while enjoying beautiful landscapes and sunsets. Lay by the beach in-between swimming, boating, and watersports, or stick to the exciting waterparks where adventures awaits. You’ll be floored by the clear water and beautiful views, all while you enjoy endless water activities.

Go fishing, try some of the best scuba diving in Texas, or explore among experienced divers. You can get training in the basics of scuba diving where you’ll see sailboats, boat wrecks, and metal sculptures, or you can go diving to see underwater canyon walls. Some people prefer to watch the scenery from their lake house because the temperatures get so cold when you dive, but the true adventurer will love the experience. Take the whole family to the Shore Club Volente Beach Waterpark where you’ll find a pirate ship, lazy lagoon, the “slidewinder” water slide, and a restaurant inside.

Stay dry

If you don’t want to hit the water or the weather isn’t cooperating, you may like a day where you can stay dry and enjoy some onshore recreation. There are many activities to enjoy, like wildlife viewing, onshore events at Lake Travis, and horseback riding.

There is even an area with a clothing optional public beach area for folks 18 and older where you can get a great suntan. Go swimming on Lake Travis or stay dry on the beach. You’ll find many tourists at this beach but you can try the Pace Bend Park is you prefer a large preserve experience with limestone cliffs and rocky coves. The kids will love it too.

Vacation rentals

If you’re looking to spend more than just a day in the area, you might like renting a vacation home where you can spend some quality time with the family. There are some great vacation rentals at Lake Travis with a variety of styles, number of bedrooms, and amenities. Some of the homes can up to 12 people and offer private docks, walking paths to Lake Travis, tennis courts, pools, and so much more. Many people choose these options to really enjoy the views and make it easier to enjoy activities like horseback riding, hiking, and parasailing. It’s actually one of the best vacation spots in the state.

You’ll love spending time at Lake Travis because there is so much to enjoy. 

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